For the popcorn lover in your life.

For the popcorn lover in your life- it sorts out the unpopped kernels.

It’s that time of year. Gifts will be bought. But before you resort to the same box of fruit, boring bathrobe, or box of chocolates, why not take a look at some far less common gifts?

I love buying gifts that can be shared by the whole family, and there is a lively selection here. There are fantastic gifts for families, of all ages.

And to make it really unique, there are a large collection of gifts that can be personalized, including cutting boards with your name carved on them.

If your gift recipients are into food and drink, you are sure to find something a little more fun and unique at Uncommon Goods. It’s a site that puts together gifts that are just a little more fun and personal than the usual fare. Many of the items are either handmade or carefully curated by an individual artisan. Just one example is the work of Jill Rikkers, a blacksmith. On her page, she tells the story of her passion for blacksmithing, and the inspiration for her gorgeous hand-hammered serving pieces.

Not the usual spoons

Not the usual spoons

I’ve long enjoyed the world of salt. Faced with a plain bowl of vegetables, grains, or salad, you may not feel up to concocting a seasoning scheme. That’s where smoked, seasoned, and uniquely flavored mineral-rich salts come in. A sprinkle of crunchy, special salt is best enjoyed on a simple dish, and this site has several collections of interesting salts, all packaged for gift giving.

Explore the wide world of salt.

Explore the wide world of salt.











Artisanal Bamboo Salt Chest

Or try one of these collections.

Flavors of America Salt Collection, Dessert and Baking Salts

If your gift recipient is into adventurous food, perhaps they are looking for something that allows them to bring a gourmet experience to life. Uncommon goods has several molecular gastronomy kits, so you can play around with making little beads and blobs and foams, without investing in a full-on kitchen lab and chemicals.

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Of course, when we entertain, we are looking for unique and fun serving pieces. There are plenty here, from the hand hammered spoons and pie servers to cool platters, glasses and coasters. One fun one is the stone drink dispenser, an artisan made chunk of stone that holds an upside down bottle of wine or spirits, with a stone handled tap.

Stone Drink Dispenser

And to solve the ever present dilemma of how to keep the casserole warm, there are a few lovely handmade soapstone pieces, which act as a trivet and a warmer, so your guests can mingle and eat at their leisure.

Oven to Table Soapstone Platter

 A pretty way to keep foods warm at the table

A pretty way to keep foods warm at the table

On the beverage front, I am a tea lover, and I promise you that the tea drinker on your list would love one of these fun assortments. All you need to know is whether they like it spicy, low- caff, or black and green, and one of these will fill the bill.

Chai Tea Kit, Green and Herbal Tea Kit, Tea From Around The World Set

For wine drinkers, both novice and expert level, tasting wines side by side is always an illuminating exercise. Now they can conduct a wine flight tasting, with a cute wine flight set. There is a whole selection of wine-related gifts, too.

Wine Tasting Flight

Now you can compare

Now you can compare

There are so many more gifts on the site, I can’t possibly get to them all. Give it a click and see if you find the perfect gift!

(Full disclosure: this is a sponsored post, wherein I recommend some products I truly like.)