Make Cocktails in Your Ice Cream Maker, Boozy Slushies for Summer

Cocktails in your Ice Cream Maker? Yes, and they don’t have to be made with ice cream. With the right amount of alcohol, they freeze to smooth perfection, and keep in the freezer for a week!

Weeknight Quickie Summer Pasta-Tricks for a Quick Meal!

Think you are too busy to cook? Not when you can make this easy, plant-based pasta in minutes! Good extra virgin olive oil is key to the flavor, so you need to learn more about where your oil comes from.

What Are Garlic Scapes, and What Do I Do with Them?

Garlic Scapes appear briefly at the Farmer’s Market and in CSA boxes in early summer, and are worth snapping up for a seasonal feast.

“Down and Dirty” Stir Fry-with Korean Flavors

Do you feel overwhelmed at the end of a long day, with no ideas for a quick meal for the family? Try an easy Korean-style Stir Fry, made with canned mock duck and an easy, flavorful sauce.

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