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Whole Wheat Bao with Black Bean Tofu, The Steamed Bun for Everyone

Bao are hot right now. At least if you pay attention to all the chatter about places like Momofuku in NYC. Bao are simply Chinese steamed buns, and they come in many forms. The folded bao that they serve at places like Momofuku are made with a fluffy, sweet white flour bun, that is opened

Simple. Spring. Asparagus.

Our local asparagus is in, despite weather so tiresome that we can barely stand to make small talk about it. It seems that we shifted from winter to summer overnight, and the asparagus was there, pushing its way out of the muck. Kudos, asparagus! Huzzah and hooray for your insistent upward movement. So I’m at

Grilled Quinoa-Avocado Filled Collard Rolls, Greens Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes in strangely circuitous ways. I was teaching a class the other night, and my menu included the Lentil Rice Rolls with Taratoor Sauce from my first book,  The New Whole Grain Cookbook. It’s funny, I’ve created so many recipes over the years, that sometimes I forget to make them. So, remembering how

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