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You Need a Comforting Pasta to Keep You Warm This Winter. Try Farfalle with Roasted Tomatoes and Pistachios

I know, it’s a crazy-busy time of year. We are all running around trying to get things done, as the temperature drops and it gets dark earlier and earlier. It’s disturbingly easy to take refuge in bad choices, and comfort yourself with fast food and snacks. For the sake of your sanity and your health,

Roasted Squash and Whole Wheat Pasta, Perfect for Fall

Everybody loves pasta. October is National Pasta Month, as if we needed any more reasons to love our noodles. But for many people, the default setting is white flour spaghetti, macaroni, or lasagna noodles. Perhaps you are one of the people who tried whole wheat pasta years ago, when the whole wheat pastas on the market

Spaghetti Squash, It’s not Spaghetti

There is a phenomenon that occurs when we make one food a stand-in for another food. Think carob for chocolate, or broccoli stems in place of avocado in Guacamole. We take a perfectly blameless food and put it in place of another, usually beloved and somewhat decadent food, then heap derision on it. If nobody

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