Classes & Corporate Events

Private classes in person in the Minneapolis area only

Book a Private class for friends and family, and Chef Robin will come to your house and teach you to cook. Want to make a spread of your favorite sushi, a feast of handmade gnocchi and sauces, or puffy steamed buns? We can do that, and more. Choose from one of the class menus below, or work with the Chef to create a customized experience.

Email for custom program pricing

Private and Corporate Zoom classes

Do you have family and friends that you’d love to share a meal with? Are you a business with coworkers and clients in different locations, who could use some entertaining, team building time? Cooking together and sharing a meal can be a great way to welcome newcomers or a bonding experience on par with a night out on the town.

We can gather, virtually, and make a splendid lunch or dinner, then sit down to enjoy it together.


Up to 10 guests: $500
Up to 20 guests: $600
Up to 30 guests: $700
Up to 40 guests: $800

(Please add $100 for each additional 10 participants, for groups up to 100 people; if you have a group of 100+ or have a firm budget, please ask about customized pricing.)

Public Zoom Classes 

Live zoom classes range from $30 to $50 per household, depending on the menu and length of the class. Register at the links below. Once you register, you’ll be sent a link to log in at the time of the class. You’ll receive the recipes, an ingredient and an equipment list a week before the class. If there is any do-ahead prep, you’ll get detailed instructions about that, too.


CHOOSE A CLASS: Visit our current schedule and choose the virtual class you’d like to take.

RECEIVE A SHOPPING LIST + ZOOM LINK: Your confirmation email will include the ingredient + equipment list + recipes for your upcoming class, so you know what to have on hand to cook along with the instructor.

REMINDER EMAIL: Two days before class, you’ll receive a reminder email with the same information as above (in case you misplace it!).

GET READY TO COOK: At the appointed date + time, have out all your ingredients and equipment and wash any vegetables (and your hands too!). Log onto Zoom using the link provided. Robin will be using 2 cameras, one showing the wide shot and another above the work area for a close-up of the process.

Corporate Menus

These are a few crowd-pleasing topics, all classes that Chef Robin has taught for many years. You’re sure to find one that your whole group will find enticing, and the skills they learn will make life more delicious, for years to come. 


Tender Potato Gnocchi and Porcini Ragu             

Chef Robin has taught hundreds of students to make gnocchi from scratch, and knows her way around a dumpling! You’ll learn to prep, test, shape and cook gnocchi by feel as well as her well-tested recipe. Everybody loves pillowy, comforting gnocchi, and you’ll be practiced and confident at the end of class.

Sushi Party: California Rolls

Chef Robin is obsessed with making sushi, and many of your friends and coworkers are obsessed with eating it! Learn to make sushi rice, slice the fillings, and prepare the sauce and accompaniments. Then we will roll crowd-pleasing California rolls, filled with cucumber, avocado, and either crab or tofu, for a vegetarian option. Master the roll, and you can improvise with all your favorite fillings.

Potsticker Party

Chef Robin has been showing people how to make delectable potstickers for many years, and you’ll learn all the tips and tricks in this class.The potsticker has it all- a chewy, fried bottom, and a tender, steamed top, all encasing a savory filling. Add a tangy dipping sauce and you have one of the tastiest appetizers on earth. Choose from pork, chicken or vegetarian shiitake-tofu fillings for your class.