Virtual Vegan Sheet Pans

My Kitchen!

Making a meal on a hot sheet pan simplifies your life, while cutting back on the number of dishes you have to wash. It’s also a powerful way to infuse deep, roasted flavor into your veggies and sear a crisp crust on your veggie proteins, including beans, nuts and veggie sausage. Together, we’ll make three easy sheet pan recipes: cauliflower and chickpea shawarma, roasted veggie burritos, and beet & veggie hash.


Soup and Salad Reboot at Valley Natural Foods


After the Holidays, we all need a little help getting back on track with our healthful eating goals. Join Robin Asbell as she brings the glorious power of plants to the table, with plenty of flavor and variety to make it exciting. You don’t need a cleanse, you just need a vegetable rich reboot, to help your body strengthen its defenses to make it through the winter. If it helps you lighten up a little, that’s great, too!

On the menu:
•Creamy Carrot Dill Soup
•French Vegetable Soup w/ Sweet Pea Pistou
•Ginger Lime Soup for Colds
•Arugala Salad w/ Green Beans & Tarragon Dressing
•Big Green Goddess Salad