Let’s Make Soups, with Robin Asbell


Robin will teach how to make winter vegetable soup, cream of shiitake soup with tarragon, Moroccan harira soup and walnut biscuits.

Spring Thai Favorites at Valley Natural Foods


Cook your favorites with seasonal vegetables and your favorite organic ingredients-and just the heat level that works for you. Thai restaurants are a popular destination, but it’s not hard to make your own, healthful Thai dishes at home. These plant-based recipes don’t sacrifice flavor, and can also be gluten free. Take a Thai Cooking Class with a seasonal menu.

The Magic of Buttermilk at Valley Natural Foods


Are you a buttermilk fan, YET? Maybe you buy it for pancakes or biscuits, then wonder what to do with the rest. Buttermilk is an old-fashioned ingredient with plenty of great uses in the kitchen-including tenderizing meats and helping baked goods to rise. Learn to use cultured buttermilk, clabber milk or non-dairy milk as a stand-in, and more.

Virtual Vegan Sheet Pans

My Kitchen!

Making a meal on a hot sheet pan simplifies your life, while cutting back on the number of dishes you have to wash. It’s also a powerful way to infuse deep, roasted flavor into your veggies and sear a crisp crust on your veggie proteins, including beans, nuts and veggie sausage. Together, we’ll make three easy sheet pan recipes: cauliflower and chickpea shawarma, roasted veggie burritos, and beet & veggie hash.


Spring Sushi at Valley Natural Foods


Spring is a great time to eat light, veggie-rich sushi. Learn how to prepare sushi rice, make maki and hand rolls, and a traditional soba noodle sushi roll. We’ll be featuring the vegetables of spring in the sushi, and will make a Spring Miso soup that features the bounty of the season. No fish, just sushi!

Sushi Secrets

Mazopiya, 2571 Credit Union Drive - Prior Lake, MN 55372 2571 Credit Union Drive, Prior Lake, MN

Going out for sushi is fun, but you can have a blast making your own, too. Once you learn to cook and season rice, prepare fillings and shape your sushi, you will be able to customize your meal to please everyone. In this class, we will practice rolling and learn to make cone-shaped handrolls and inside out rolls.


Spring Veggie Celebration

Let’s celebrate those first local veggies that come to the market. Learn how to enhance the flavor of these vegetables and make plants into party-worthy favorites. You’ll learn how to make a delicious vegan chickpea burger and other plant-based dishes that everyone will love. This vegan cooking class will bring more plants to the table!


Desserts That Aren’t Pie, with Valley Natural Foods

My Kitchen!

Tired of pie around the holidays? Pie is wonderful, but we can shake things up with some other fantastic Fall desserts. Learn more about Vegan Baking and 

Join local chef, Robin Asbell, as she teaches how to make delicious Fall desserts that aren't pie, but will still perfect for your holiday gatherings. On the menu: Cinnamon Filled Pumpkin Bundt Cake, Crunchy Chocolate Pecan Filo Sticks, Pear and Maple Sugar Upside Down Cake.