Squash: From Savory to Sweet in St Paul

Cooks of Crocus Hill - Saint Paul 877 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN

What to do with squash? There are so many ways to utilize the squash for meals that it's impossible to fit them all into one menu. That said, Chef Robin is on hand to share a few of her favorite sweet and savory squash recipes for you to enjoy.

Menu: Squash and Cheddar Mini-Biscuit Appetizers; Thai Red Curry Coconut Squash Soup with Holy Basil; Pumpkin-Apple Streusel Cake.


Know Your Gnocchi


Want to win friends and influence people? Well, you can always try making them some gnocchi, one of the most lovable foods known to man. You'll learn what gnocchi is (and isn't) and how to make, shape, cook and, of course, eat this mouthwatering mixture to your heart's content.

Menu: Classic Potato Gnocchi with Pan-Roasted Garlic-Tomato Sauce with Rosemary.

VIRTUAL CLASS EXPECTATIONS: One week prior to the class date, Cooks will email you the virtual class log in information, recipes, equipment list and ingredient list for shopping. On the day of the class, have your ingredients, equipment and recipes at the ready. Set up your digital device in a place that is both convenient for class viewing and cooking. Then, put your apron on, and login to start learning and cooking!


Immunity Boosting Soups-Cook with Me Live!

The pandemic has made us so much more aware of the need for self-care, and these soups are a whole-foods way to strengthen your ability to stay well. Each soup is made from plants that boost immunity, while nourishing and comforting you.


Make a Meal in 90 Minutes; Mexican Flavors Live

My Kitchen!

Cook a Vegan Mexican Meal in 90 Minutes Do you find yourself eating the same things over and over? Take these fast and delicious plant-based dishes for a test drive in a fast class, then you will want to add them to the regular rotation at your house. Chef Robin Asbell is the author of […]


The Vegan Breakfast Club Cooking Class

My Kitchen!

Stop eating cold cereal! Come and cook with me, and you'll have a plant-based feast for today, and many delicious breakfasts to come.


Explore Indonesian Vegan Food

My Kitchen!

We'll make plant based Kecap Manis, Indonesian Fruit Salad, Mock Duck Satay, Hot and Sour Vegetable Soup, and classic Nasi Goreng.


Puffy Steamed Buns, Savory Shu Mai and Chewy Potstickers To Live For


In this cooking class, we will make puffy Vegetable Bao, the sweet, fluffy buns that you love from Dim Sum restaurants. The filling, made of seasoned, minced vegetables, is a perfect savory flavor to work with the sweet buns. Then, we will make Tofu and Shiitake stuffed Potstickers, which are delightfully browned and chewy on the bottom. We’ll also make tender eggplant, seasoned with black bean sauce, and fill adorable bite sized shu mai with it, then steam them.


Grilled Pizza, with Chef Robin Asbell


When summer comes, we all want to be outside, and that includes dinnertime! Grilling has a reputation as a way to cook beefy burgers and chicken, but it can be a fun way to eat more plants, too. We’ll focus on grilling one of everyone’s favorite foods: Pizza! Homemade pizza on the grill is much […]


Fast and Summery Meals with Whole Grains


Savor summer with delicious, colorful, exciting food, made even more delicious by the hearty, nutty flavors and textures of whole grains.