So Simple, So Good, Gingery Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

These individual Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumbles are pots of gingery filling with a crunchy crumble topping, the easiest way to bake a great dessert without breaking a sweat. Chop, stir, bake, it really is that simple.

Make Cocktails in Your Ice Cream Maker, Boozy Slushies for Summer

Cocktails in your Ice Cream Maker? Yes, and they don’t have to be made with ice cream. With the right amount of alcohol, they freeze to smooth perfection, and keep in the freezer for a week!

Weeknight Quickie Summer Pasta-Tricks for a Quick Meal!

Think you are too busy to cook? Not when you can make this easy, plant-based pasta in minutes! Good extra virgin olive oil is key to the flavor, so you need to learn more about where your oil comes from.

What Are Garlic Scapes, and What Do I Do with Them?

Garlic Scapes appear briefly at the Farmer’s Market and in CSA boxes in early summer, and are worth snapping up for a seasonal feast.

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Who Needs Meat? We Have Lentils for Delicious Meals.

Who Needs Meat? We Have Lentils for Delicious Meals.

Red Lentil-Carrot Hummus I recently put together a cooking segment for my favorite local TV show, Twin Cities Live. Since Covid, we are doing them via skype, from my kitchen. In light of the current situation, with so many people out of work, I wanted to get the word...

Vegan Meal Prep: A 5-Week Plan with 125 Ready-to-Go Recipes

Skip the takeout, save money, eat better and prep meals like a pro with 125 healthy and delicious vegan recipes for every meal of the day.

In Vegan Meal Prep, Robin Asbell shares this solution in the form of 125 inventive and inspired recipes for breakfast, lunch, mains, snacks and desserts using vegan ingredients. Armed with five 5-day meal plans, you’ll be happy to avoid sad takeout while saving time and money.

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