What is a Quince? Try This Lovely, Easy Compote

Every winter, alongside the persimmons and pomegranates, you’ll see these rather lumpy, pear-shaped fruits called quinces. If you aren’t familiar with them, you might even buy one, take it home, and wait for it to ripen, or take a bite. The hard, tannic fruit will come as a shocking surprise, and you might well toss the quince in the trash, never to buy one again. That would be a real shame, since the true character of this unique fruit is only revealed wwhen you simmer it for a good bit, and the fruit softens and releases an enticing perfume.

Sweet Roasted Roots Top a Hearty Salad

‘Tis the season to roast things. Turn that oven on to warm up and get cozy, and as long as it’s on, roast up a mess of vegetables. For a fun take on salad, try this Roasted Roots and Quinoa Salad, on a bed of spinach, and topped with a tangy Pomegranate vinaigrette. The sweet, earthy roots are beautiful to behold, and meltingly tender to bite.

Roasted Squash and Pear Salad, For the Holidays

I know, everybody looks forward to their holiday faves, whatever they may be. Sometimes, the table gets crowded with heavy comfort food, with a token vegetable just to keep it legal. Don’t forget the salad! A Roasted Squash and Pear Salad with Tart Cherry Vinaigrette is the perfect holiday salad. Your diners will get palate fatigue from all those salty, rich foods, and need a bite of something light and crunchy. Even if they are saving room for pie, they will be drawn to this colorful salad, full of snap and drizzled with a tangy dressing.

Breakfast Prep: Pumpkin Oat Bake

We all need a little help in the mornings, don’t we? That’s when a little breakfast prep comes in handy. This oat-nut and seed breakfast is baked in a pie pan, so you can cut a slice in the morning, and warm it in the microwave or saute pan. Instead of a bowl of oatmeal, you’ve got something solid, and laced with pumpkin, apples and spices. A topping of sauteed apples finishes it off, and if you choose to add a dollop of yogurt or a splash of maple, the more the merrier.

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Tangy, Crunchy Asian Pear Salad

Tangy, Crunchy Asian Pear Salad

I love The flavors of Thai food. I often make Thai favorites like Marinated Grilled Tofu or the spectacular Blue Rice with Satay Sauce. Often when I’ve got my Pad Thai or tofu, I want a salad to go with it. That’s when this crisp, colorful Tangy Asian Pear Salad hits the spot. It’s simple and easy to assemble, and makes great use of the Asian Pear, which may not be a regular on your menus.