Creamy Cheesy, One Pan Pasta

I made a Monday Night Meal on Twin Cities Live, and we revisited a dish I made via zoom with Elizabeth Reimers during the pandemic’s early days. At the time, she was about to give birth to her baby Heathcliff, and I thought she needed an easy, kid-friendly dish to serve the rest of the family once he was born. I made a Mac and Cheese using this method, and it was a big hit.

Fast forward to now, and we were reminiscing about things we had done in the past, and Elizabeth said the mac and cheese was still in rotation at her house. I thought it would be fun to do an update/upgrade by switching it to a Creamy Penne with Asiago Cheese. I added a carrot, some lemon peel and used Aged Asiago.

Another big hit, and the pasta will live on as a quick meal to make in a single pot.