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Beth Hillson Makes Going GF Easier Than Ever

My how things have changed. Take a look around these days, and gluten-free items seem to be everywhere. Some of the products leave alot to be desired, but most restaurants and grocery stores are trying to make an effort. Well, forty, thirty, or even twenty years ago, this was not the case. Just ask Beth

Artificial Colors, Why Are These Still Here?

Bright blue snow cones and psychedelic sprinkles have a big appeal with kids. And yellow lemonade, brown granola bars and beige salad dressings seem natural, but are often artificially colored, too. Unfortunately, there is good reason to believe that amping up the look of foods with artificial colors is a bad thing. Especially for kids.

Too Much Meat Puts Girls at Risk

In the last century, girls have undergone a curious change. The age at which they grow breasts and begin menstruating has dropped. 40 years ago, girls grew breasts 2 years later, and got their periods several months later. This might not seem like much, but the earlier that these events occur, the higher a woman’s

Grease, Sugar and Heroin, Together at Last

If you have ever wondered why people just can’t stop eating chips, sweets and fatty meats, even when they know they should give it a rest, a recent study has the answer. Junk food is more addictive than heroin. Researchers from the Scripps Research Institute set up three groups of rats, one eating a healthy

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