Yearly 2012

The Perfumed Fruit, Quince Stewed with Vanilla

Quinces Now that we are deep in true winter, it’s time to get into old-timey fruit. Back before apples and pears were luscious and crisp all year long, people relied more on the Quince. It’s an ancient fruit, and goes back so far that some historians think it was probably the “apple” referred to in

Sex Sells, Even Vegetarianism?

They were eye-grabbing headlines. “Vegetarians Have Better Sex Lives!” “Boost Sex with a Vegan Diet!” You get the picture. There was even a video, a video too silly to call sexy. I’ll post it at the end of this so you don’t watch it first and decide that vegans really are wack. I’ll just say,

Grain Mains, The Gourmet Ingredient Hiding In Plain Sight

  Syrian Sliha from Grain Mains   If you have ever visited this blog before, you probably know that I am really into whole grains. So into them, that I wrote a book about it, The New Whole Grains Cookbook. My latest book, Sweet and Easy Vegan, also celebrates whole grains, in all their chewy,

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