Antioxidant Rich and Tasty, Too

Antioxidant Rich and Tasty, Too

So, we survived the big Holiday week. Chances are, this was the most overindulgent week of the year, with folks piling their plates and filling their cups with Christmas cheer. Just between you and me, I did. I ate too many cookies, piled up the rich foods I love on my plate, and had a glass or two or three of something to wash it down, and it wasn’t water.

That’s what we do. And really, if you confine yourself to just a few days of giddy overindulgence, how much harm can you do? I figure it’s better for my soul to get into the holiday spirit, eat a few cookies (I only frost cookies once a year, for crying out loud) and pick up the pieces when it’s over.

Besides, the gym will still be there, when I hit my rock bottom of sloth and gluttony. A few good workouts and a week of clean eating and I’ll be back in balance.

Plus, I have a juicer. With a few carefully chosen drinks, I can heal my dyspeptic, oversaturated self with a few soothing extractions. I’ve even got some celery in the crisper, ready to make my headache potion.

So I planned ahead to save half a bag of cranberries, to make a cranberry spiked, soothing juice for the over-used digestive tract we call our tummy.

Cranberries are loaded with healing vitamin C, E and K. They are a “superfood,” because of the potent polyphenols and other antioxidants lurking in their bright red skins. They are associated with lower rates of heart disease and cancer, so bring on the cranberries.

Cucumber is a classic tummy soother, slick with soluble fiber that helps absorb whatever is going on in your digestion and move it along. Make sure you juice the skins, since they contain antioxidants that protect your brain.

A couple of apples, skin on, provide a little sweetness, and yet more heart healthy antioxidants. Then, in the ultimate tummy and immune system soother, I juiced up a nice chunk of ginger.

The resulting juice was just barely sweet, spiked with cranberry tartness, with the bite of ginger at the end. Sipping it over the course of my morning, I felt better and better. It was surprisingly filling, too, a good thing when trying to re-set my eating back to reality.

So give it a try, it’s soothing and tasty.

Sip a Soother

Sip a Soother


Cranberry-Cucumber Juice

Makes about 1 1/2 cups

2 cups fresh cranberries (frozen are ok, just thaw them so you don’t strain the machine)

2 medium green apples

1 large cucumber

1 inch fresh ginger

Juice it all together, enjoy.