Monthly August, 2013

Grilled Quinoa-Avocado Filled Collard Rolls, Greens Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes in strangely circuitous ways. I was teaching a class the other night, and my menu included the Lentil Rice Rolls with Taratoor Sauce from my first book,  The New Whole Grain Cookbook. It’s funny, I’ve created so many recipes over the years, that sometimes I forget to make them. So, remembering how

Smoked Tomatoes on the Grill: Sweet Summer Umami

End of summer brings an embarrassment of riches, as the farmer’s market and garden offer heaps of ripe produce. Melons, corn, zucchini, greens, and of course, tomatoes. These tomatoes are the best we will have all year, brimming with juicy vine-ripened flavors. Real tomato taste hits your tastebuds like a bracing slap, stirring up memories