Yearly 2009

World Hunger and the Veg Solution

Now that we have made it to the beginning of a new year, everyone is ready to start fresh. Call it a resolution, or just a response to the excess of the holidays, but it might be a good time to look at eating more plants. Whether omnivore or vegetarian, we all seem to end

Surviving the Holidays, Vegetarian-Style

Ahh, the holidays, a time of family and togetherness. All cuddled together, snowed in. Be careful, vegetarians. That cozy home can turn into an incubator of resentment, hurt feelings and anger in a heartbeat. Now’s the time to take a deep breath and practice your Vegetarian Etiquette. It’s not about how to hold a salad

Finally, Soy is Found Not Guilty!

The story on soy and breast cancer seems to have come full circle. It began, hopefully enough, when researchers started to wonder, why do women in China and Japan have such low rates of breast cancer, as well as mild menopause symptoms and general good reproductive health? The 80’s and especially the 90’s saw intensive

Why Buy Organic Milk?

Perhaps it dates me, but I remember when organic milk first appeared on the store shelves. I know it was in the early 90’s here, because the arrival was quite a spectacle. I was cooking at the Coop, and the BGH/BST issue had gotten alot of press. There was a fight going on, as the

Lying to Children, 101

It might be an obvious thing to say, but when your book comes out, you hope that people will like it. I’m sure that even the most established authors have their dark moments of the soul. Will the critics pan me, will everyone decide that I don’t know what I am talking about? So, when

You’re Never Too Young To Start Vegging

There’s always been a conventional wisdom, or lets call it a myth, that kids can eat junk and get away with it. The concurrent myth is that kids should not go vegetarian, because their bodies are developing, or some such nonsense. So, they can run amuck eating sugar and chips, but skipping meat is bad.Their

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