Yearly 2014

Go Native at the Mitsitam Cafe

We hear a great deal about what humans “originally” ate, these days. Do you want to go back a few hundred, or a thousand, or ten thousand years? Do you really know what a hunter-gatherer would have eaten in your neighborhood? We do have a pretty good idea what was being foraged and cultivated in

Last Minute Veg Thanksgiving Hit Recipes

  It’s time to have your Thanksgiving dishes planned, there are only a few shopping days left. So, for your recipe searching convenience, I have put together a roundup of a bunch of my holiday greatest hits. Get to the store now, so you can get the ingredients for a fanyastic Thanksgiving! Nutty Curry-Stuffed Squashes

Super Juice for Grown Ups

  While I was writing Juice It!, I remember having a conversation with another green juice aficionado. Comparing our usual green juice configurations, our favorite little touches. Of course, citrus, ginger, perhaps an herb like mint. But she said something that stuck with me. “I used to put two apples in my green juice.” She said.

Playing with Purple Sweet Potatoes

You know that when a gorgeous new vegetable appears in the produce section, I’m going to grab it. Purple Sweet Potatoes? Yes, please. It turns out that the Stokes Purple Sweet Potato is actually pretty new, at least to the commercial market. A farmer in Stokes County, North Carolina, was looking for a profitable crop

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