One of my favorite places on earth is Rancho La Puerta, a health and wellness destination located in Tecate, Mexico. I’ve been teaching there for many years, and enjoying the organic, vegetarian food made from plants grown on the property. Rancho La Puerta is consistently rated as the top spa in North America, where classes and seminars are curated to allow guests to find happiness and health, and take home life changing habits of mindful eating, gratitude, and exercise.

Three Salsa Recipes from Rancho La Puerta

One of the many delicious foods served at RLP is the delicious salsa, served and breakfast and lunch to spoon over everything from eggs to soups. My favorites are the Salsa Macha, Three Chile Salsa, and Salsa Mexicana. I was thrilled when I asked Chef Reyna Venegas to share the recipes for a segment on Twin Cities Live, and she happily complied.

Chef Reyna Venegas in the garden at Rancho La Puerta

Watch me Make Salsa on Twin Cities Live

Salsas that Sing

If you usually eat salsa from a jar, you’re really going to want to try these. Salsa Mexicana is a fresh, simple salsa, while the other two emply dried chilis and slightly charred vegetables to really build complex flavor. Dried chiles are a great source of deep, intense flavor, and not just heat. These salsas use Arbol, Guajillo and Pasilla Chilis, lightly toasted in either a cast iron pan or the oven.

Try these salsas, for a taste of Rancho La Puerta, wherever you are.