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Heaven in the Clouds

I may seem like the same person, but in a small, barely perceptible way, I am not. That is because I just spent a week at a transformative place. I’ve just returned from Rancho La Puerta Spa, where I spent the week alternating between challenging mountain hikes and exercise classes, relaxing pool time and massages,

The Truffle Enigma, Part Two, The Feasting

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my trip to Portland, and the fab local truffles that I tasted at an in-depth truffle class with Jack Czernecki. http://robincooksveg.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=467&action=edit Well, the story didn’t end there. I had lamented the fact that I had found a new truffle to love, but alas, Portland may as well

Peanut Butter, the Vegetarian’s Pal

    Meet my new friend, the peanut butter maker at my Coop. He, let’s call him grind-ey, makes extra special peanut butter, because it contains the peanut skins (more about that later) doesn’t have any added trans fats or sugars, and is much less likely to contain aflatoxins. It also can’t be from that