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Is Vegetarianism Inevitable?

  On Star Trek, Next Generation, Jean Luc Picard and his crew could stride to the food replicator and order anything. The fantasy machine then somehow accessed free floating molecules and built a perfect imitation of your favorite food. From filet mignon to Earl Grey Tea (hot!) everything was essentially vegetarian. It might bleed, but

Ask For the Vegan Menu at Amazing Thailand

I love teaching cooking classes, for many reasons. One of the fun things is that the students often clue me in on restaurants that offer alternative menus. Since I do so much cooking at home, I am usually way behind the curve when it comes to restaurants, so it’s a huge help. This strange phenomenon

Hello world!

Well, hello blogosphere. This is my first post, so if you have not read my About page, please do. I am on a journey. As part of my quest to make vegetarian food as delicious as possible to the omnivores, I had recently become very interested in making mock “meats.” Like any good whole-food advocate,