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Eating Vegan Miami!

Great Vegan Restaurants in Miami Yes, folks, In the Minnesota tradition, I took a “snowbird” vacation to Miami in January. The plane was full or parka-toting, smiling Northerners both ways, as we gleefully abandoned our snowblowers for some warmth and sun. I was ready to soak up some Vitamin D, and had the supreme pleasure

Get Crabby with Jackfruit-An Appealing Appetizer

Plant-Based Meats are Hot! We’ve been watching the world of non-meat “meats” expand and evolve over the last few years, with great anticipation. Whether you are excited about the possibility of stunningly realistic fakes, or could care less if they seem just like the “real thing” as long as they taste good, this has been

“Just Enough” Vegan Recipes and Stories from Japan’s Buddhist Temples

This is the season for indulgence, when we all find ourselves eating, drinking and acquiring things with abandon. So, instead of another recipe for dessert, consider taking a few bites of wisdom from Gesshin Claire Greenwood, and reading her latest book, “Just Enough; Vegan Recipes and Stories from Japan’s Buddhist Temples (New world Library $17.95)

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