Monthly September, 2010

Heaven in the Clouds

I may seem like the same person, but in a small, barely perceptible way, I am not. That is because I just spent a week at a transformative place. I’ve just returned from Rancho La Puerta Spa, where I spent the week alternating between challenging mountain hikes and exercise classes, relaxing pool time and massages,

King Kabocha

When Fall weather starts blowing in, signaling the icy times to come, there is one consolation. Beautiful sweet winter squashes start piling up at the market, where we can pick from an astonishing array of shapes, sizes and colors. The colossal Hubbard dwarfs the petite Sweet Dumpling, while the curvy Butternut lounges provocatively next to

Pat Yourselves on the Back America, Good Job!

Good News about the American Diet! The bad news about the way America eats has been piling up, from our obesity crisis to our uninspected egg producers selling unsafe eggs. We are about due for some positive news, and thankfully, it is here. For years, whole grain lovers like myself have been spreading the word