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Super Juice for Grown Ups

  While I was writing Juice It!, I remember having a conversation with another green juice aficionado. Comparing our usual green juice configurations, our favorite little touches. Of course, citrus, ginger, perhaps an herb like mint. But she said something that stuck with me. “I used to put two apples in my green juice.” She said.

Genius Miracle Cure, Click Here!

Have you seen those articles on how to get more clicks by writing an attention-grabbing headline? Something about getting rich quick, cute kittens, or celebrity sideboob, and you can pull millions of easily distracted eyes to your site. Well, now that your eyes are here, I will share my miracle cure story. YES I SAID MIRACLE

Feed the Family: Keep Your Inner Biome Happy

I recently attended a conference on the topic of grains. Of course, the current state of affairs in the grain world is not complete without a discussion of the rise in the numbers of people who have stopped eating wheat. There on the panel, one of the compelling theories put forward came from Michael Pollan,

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