Monthly August, 2010

Salsa and Wine, all Home grown

Everybody has some fall-back meals. Easy things that you keep the ingredients for in the pantry. For me, quesadillas and nachos involve having chips or wheat tortillas on hand, and some tasty cheese. From there on out is where it gets interesting. I was invited to make a salsa at the Mill City Market’s Salsa

Cheeseburger, Fries, and a Side of Statin Drugs?

It really says something about our ability to educate ourselves about food when we start talking about serving the antidote to junk foods in pill form right in the restaurant. At the beginning of August, researchers from Imperial College of London published a study in The American Journal of Cardiology with the conclusion that handing

Local Exotica:Yard Long Beans go Italian

A great resource that we have at our markets in the Twin Cities is the Hmong growers. Every farmers market has several of these dedicated and hard working farmers. They grow everything from beets to watermelon. But what gets my culinary juices flowing is all the Asian produce. Dappled green eggplants the size of big

Eat Local, Corn Crazy

Well, folks, it’s week two of the Eat Local Challenge Month, and what a fine month it is. Here in MN, even more than other parts of the country, we have a short, intense growing season. Things like asparagus happen in mid-june, and if we are lucky, melons ripen by August. While the Californians might

Locavores Will Love Minnesota Grown Sunflower Oil

Even the most devoted locavores have to work around the limits of Minnesota. We don’t grow olives, coffee, chocolate, or sugar cane. Beets, yes, but I have yet to see anyone marketing a local beet sugar. So when folks pledge to go all-local in their kitchens, they often leave a little wiggle room for their