Monthly June, 2014

Simple. Spring. Asparagus.

Our local asparagus is in, despite weather so tiresome that we can barely stand to make small talk about it. It seems that we shifted from winter to summer overnight, and the asparagus was there, pushing its way out of the muck. Kudos, asparagus! Huzzah and hooray for your insistent upward movement. So I’m at

Walnut- Beet Pulp Burgers to Use that Leftover Juicer Pulp, Deliciously

Lately, I have been out on the road, making juices from my new book, Juice It! I have met lots of people who are just getting interested in juicing. Standing in front of a group of people, I drop veggies and fruits into the juicer, and we all watch the juice flow into one pitcher, and