Diet Food?

Diet Food?

Are you still worried about the fat in nuts, avoiding them because you heard that they are too high fat? Well, banish those thoughts. Researchers have been looking at the benefits of nuts, and it turns out that eating nuts is associated with lower body weight, as well as many incredible health benefits.

Dr Robert Mattes, a prof of Foods and Nutrition at Purdue, gave a presentation at the 6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition in March. He concludes that nuts are so satisfying that you can eat them in the morning, and you will compensate by eating fewer calories later, automatically. Eating nuts for breakfast has also been shown to prevent blood sugar spikes throughout the morning, and they are low on the glycemic index. Also, the fact that we don’t really pulverize them completely when we chew means that some of the nut calories are not absorbed.

Other studies have linked eating nuts to brain health, cardiovascular health, and more. Vegetarians and vegans can look to walnuts for valuable EFA’s, in a really tasty package. Raw nuts are slightly more beneficial, since some nutrients are damaged by heat, but if you like toasted nuts, keep on eating them.

All nuts contain lots of fiber, some protein, and each one has unique qualities.

If you have a taste for almonds, you are indulging in one of the healthiest nuts, with a big dose of vitamin E, calcium, and almost all healthy monounsaturated fat.

Walnuts? Famed for those Essential Fatty Acids that everyone takes fish oil to get, but much tastier.

Pistachios have been found to have the highest levels of LDL cholesterol lowering plant sterols of all the nuts, and they have bonus high levels of potassium. Hazelnuts have extra folate, the B-vitamin that protects against birth defects, and possibly cancer and heart disease.

If you love your Pecans, they are cholesterol-fighters, and they are loaded with beta-sitasterol, the latest natural cure for prostate issues.

So, do you ever eat nuts for breakfast? One easy way is just to sprinkle them into your granola, muesli, or hot cereal. Sprinkle them over pancakes and french toast, or scatter them on your morning fruit. The nuts will slow down your absorption and digestion of those healthy, complex carbs, keeping you full all morning.

Walnut and Fruit Muesli

For a simple muesli, just mix a cup of rolled oats with 3 cups of your preferred non-dairy milk and a handful of dried fruit and put it in the fridge overnight, tightly covered. The next morning, just serve it with a handful of chopped whole almonds, walnuts, pistachios, or your fave nut.

Nutty Muesli

Nutty Muesli


You’ll feel fuller, nourish your brain, and above all, enjoy that delicious breakfast.