Monthly May, 2009

Veg Proteins, No Big Deal

It’s the classic scenario. A vegetarian reveals her diet-style to friends and family, and depending on their experience with it, they have various responses. There may be panic, there may be acceptance, but there is always one question that comes up. How will you get your protein? In a culture where meal planning starts with

A Vegan Pro Athlete Speaks Out

You would think he had announced that he were on steroids. Oh wait, that is normal now. Granted, the unlucky Twins relief pitcher Pat Neshek has been sidelined with a ligament replacement surgery. But he is a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, and he recently came out to the world as a vegan. That is

Hello world!

Well, hello blogosphere. This is my first post, so if you have not read my About page, please do. I am on a journey. As part of my quest to make vegetarian food as delicious as possible to the omnivores, I had recently become very interested in making mock “meats.” Like any good whole-food advocate,