It’s time for another great blog potluck, and a cookbook giveaway. That’s right, a FREE BOOK!

This time, my talented blogger friends and I are sampling juice recipes from my new cookbook, Juice It! Energizing Blends for Today’s Juicers (Chronicle Books.) If you haven’t experienced a blog potluck, it’s basically a chance to (virtually) share in some recipes from the book, all prepared by a stellar group of food writers. Just click on the links below to visit their blogs and enter to win.

So let’s pretend that you have stopped by – so we could share a taste of one of my colorful relaxing juices, Purple Haze. Then mosey on over to the other blogs to try the juices they made from the book. Luckily, the recipes are up, and you can enter to win the book, for even more juicy options.

Because in Juice It!, there is a juice for you.

You don’t have to be in it for healthy reasons, you can just make juices purely for flavor and color, like the Strawberry Spritzer, or Watermelon Agua Fresca, a simple juice made from watermelon and mint. Your pleasure will be shared by your body, which will soak up the vitamin C rich, anti-inflammatory goodness of the strawberries, or the heart-healthy lycopene and arginine in the watermelon.

You can energize, with green juices, or whole, pureed fruit juices mixed with green tea. All the super-nutritious qualities of superfoods like kale and berries are unleashed in a freshly pressed juice. They almost always give me a lift, without caffeine. If you have ever looked to sugar or chocolate to get you through an afternoon slump, you should really try a juice instead. My Hot Skinny Lemonade has a fresh jalapeno in the blend, proven to raise your metabolism.

On the other hand, certain juices can act in mildly medicinal ways, and they really work. Colds, headaches, aches and pains, and even acid reflux can be gently soothed by powerful plants, and what better way to get them than in liquid form? In Juice It! I offer blends that are both tasty and palliative, like the Hangover Fix, which employs celery to relax the circulatory system in your head and magnesium-rich spinach to soothe your headache.

There’s even a chapter of Pure Pleasure juices, which have flavor combos inspired by your favorite cocktails. You may want to serve these to a non-alcoholic party, or you may want to put a little shot of alcohol in the mix. Call it an artisanal Ginger Pina Colada- made from my recipe that blends Pineapple, Fresh Ginger and Coconut Water, for a hydrating, enzyme rich, high- C mixer.

If they can keep you from buying those awful bottled cocktail mixes, you will be doing yourself a great favor!

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To win a book here, just tell me why you want to try Juice It! and I will pick a winner on May 3. US residents only, please.

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Sampling "Purple Haze" at Cooks of Crocus Hill

Purple Haze

Blueberry – Blackberry – Grape

Think purple, and combine tangy blackberries and blueberries with sweet purple grapes for a decidedly colorful cocktail. Put berries to work fighting pesky free radicals—deliciously.

Makes about 2 cups/480 ml.

1 cup/170 g blueberries

1 cup/145 g blackberries

3 cups/380 g purple or red grapes

Juice the blueberries, blackberries, and grapes, in that order. Run the pulp through two times to extract as much liquid as possible.