In my travels with Big Vegan, I’ve met plenty of people, all at varying stages of getting into vegan eating. Some may stick with it, and thankfully, that gets easier every day. If you or someone you know is even considering going vegan, you would do well to take a look at Victoria Moran’s new book, Main Street Vegan.

Main Street Vegan Trailer

Victoria Moran, author, counselor, and to me, spiritual leader, is an ideal person to gently and lovingly guide you toward a vegan path. If you have somehow missed her 10 previous books, Victoria writes about ideas like loving yourself and feeling good, as well as losing weight and taking care of the planet. She and her daughter, Adair Moran, teamed up on this book to create a guide to the reasons and realities of going plant-based, with a tone of compassion and kindness.

In other words, there will be no lectures or judgements in these pages, just encouragement. In a world where we often feel judged from all sides, Moran gets it. People will only love themselves and care for themselves when they are accepted, wherever they may be, by themselves and others.

So, here you have a guide to everything you need to know in order to start going vegan, even if you are absolutely not vegan right now. That’s the idea. the Main Street Vegan could well be a girl growing up in Kansas City, home of barbecue, like Moran herself, or anybody, living in Anytown USA. All it takes is a decision to love yourself, love your planet, and love other creatures. The rest flows from that.

So how does this transformation take place? Gently. The two Morans lay out all the reasons, resources, and recipes that you need to make the changes, one at a time, or all at once.

Full disclosure: I know Victoria, and my Veggie Edamame Pot Pies Recipe from Big Vegan is reprinted in Main Street Vegan on page 88. This is not a cookbook, so there are a few recipes that Moran selected for beginners, and I am honored to have contributed.


So, if you are thinking of going vegan, or trying to but faltering, or if you know someone who would be open to some gentle encouragement in that direction, this is a good book to choose. Everybody has a different voice, and Victoria Moran’s is always positive and reassuring.

That’s got to go a long way.