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Post Christmas Cheer with Kiwi Salsa

The Holiday season is coming to its natural end, and so is your desire to keep eating holiday foods. Right now the idea of eating sage-laced stuffing or baked yams holds very little appeal. No, now it’s time to lighten up and detox from all those cookies. And to build your immunity to make it

Are You a “Resolution-er”?

  I apologize for my poor use of the language. You see, every January at my gym, the parking lot gets crowded, the locker room gets jammed, and suddenly strange people are mobbing the classes that the rest of us attend the rest of the year. The gym staff refer to these new attendees as

Taking Stock of Vegetables

As we enter the seasonal blip that is the month between Thanksgiving and the big December holidays, things fly by. We also end up in the kitchen alot, even the people who don’t really like to cook. So, let me suggest one thing that will make your vegetarian cookery just a little bit better. Learn

Food Allergies and Intolerances, On the Move?

  Doesn’t it seem like food allergies are way more common these days? When I was a kid, nobody worried about serving peanut butter at school, and everybody lined up for milk. Now many schools are peanut free, and everybody knows someone who can’t tolerate dairy. A new study confirms my impressions. 7.5 million people,

If You’re Going Nuts, Eat Some Nuts!

Stressful situations are unavoidable. Try as we might, life is going to throw us some curve balls. For that matter, taking on challenges is an important part of living a full life, and a little stress goes along with making those leaps. Before you reach for a handful of pills, think about a handful of

Kansha, More Than A Cookbook

  A cookbook is, by definition, a collection of recipes. What makes each collection unique is the overall philosophy and organizing principle that shaped the group of recipes within. There are healthy cookbooks, decadent cookbooks, and cookbooks for just about every approach to food. It’s rare, though, to see a cookbook that expresses a deeper

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