Monthly May, 2012

Drinking, To Forget?

How did it happen? Somewhere along the line, sodas became the ubiquitous, default drink. I vaguely remember them being more of a special occasion thing when I was little, but I think that was just at our house. The insidious creep of soda had already taken hold. Other kids had 12 packs and big gulps.

The Most Nutritious Grain You Have (probably) Never Had

  Last month I had the pleasure of attending the International Association of Culinary Professionals annual conference, in the cultural playground that they call New York City. So far, I have blogged about my extracurricular restaurant experiences, but believe it or not, my days were spent in fascinating seminars lead by the bright lights of

Your Essential Vegan Pantry

I taught a fun class on vegan 30 minute meals the other day, and was delighted to have a few brand new vegans in the group. As beginners, they were in the midst of the transitions that can make or break any new lifestyle change. One topic that came up was, “What should I put