Monthly July, 2009

A Vegetarian Watches Bourdain

Vegetarians are in the minority, so it often happens that we end up watching food shows and reading food mags that are not really intended for us. We learn to sort out the things we can use, and not take too much personally. Listening to chefs wax poetic about lardo and foie gras doesn’t bother

Teeny Tiny Brain Food Mushrooms

I had one of those flash back moments the other day at the Coop. The store had just opened. A man who looked vaguely familiar had entered before me, and caught my eye because he was acting rather pushy to the worker there. As I rolled my cart nearby, I gathered that he wanted the

The Rustic French Food Story

My latest copy of Food and Wine magazine arrived this week, bearing a little gift. As I was leafing through, reading a little here and a little there, I came upon one of those photo spreads, of a gorgeous meal in a breathtaking old French farmhouse. Like Bon Appetit, Gourmet, or Saveur, any upscale food

School Lunches Evolve and Sprout a Veg Option

Remember school food? Little aluminum trays filled with steaming rubber meatballs in greasy orange tomato sauce, or the enigmatic Salisbury Steak? It was enough to make a vegetarian out of the bravest diner. I grew up eating the school lunch, and can even attest to having worked in a public school food service kitchen for