Eye Candy! Hot Deals on Sweet and Easy Vegan E-Books

Get a Deal on Sweet and Easy

Get a Deal on Sweet and Easy

Have you gotten into e-books yet? Save a tree and download your reading material, if you aren’t already. Cookbooks will probably always be best on paper, for some people, but lots and lots of you are moving toward the electronic version.

Starting February 15th, you can get a great deal on the e-book version of my book, Sweet and Easy Vegan. These are recipes made with all whole grain flours and only alternative, natural sweeteners. For a bargain price, you can get my collection of healthy, natural treats that won’t give you a sugar hangover, just a pleasantly full belly and a feeling of gentle energy.

Dumping white sugar is a trend that continues to grow, and you can get the skinny on alternatives to white sugar and high-fructose corny syrup in my grainy little book!

To see all the Chronicle e-book deals, click here.

Here is my book on Kindle  or Nook or Apple i-books or google play or kobo

You can check out a recipe for Chocolate Chip Almond and Coconut Cookies here

These Yummy Cookies are Easy to Make!

These Yummy Cookies are Easy to Make!

And don’t miss the PB and J Crisp Recipe always a hit with kids and adults alike!:


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