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Eat Local, Corn Crazy

Well, folks, it’s week two of the Eat Local Challenge Month, and what a fine month it is. Here in MN, even more than other parts of the country, we have a short, intense growing season. Things like asparagus happen in mid-june, and if we are lucky, melons ripen by August. While the Californians might

The Truffle Enigma, Part Two, The Feasting

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my trip to Portland, and the fab local truffles that I tasted at an in-depth truffle class with Jack Czernecki. http://robincooksveg.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=467&action=edit Well, the story didn’t end there. I had lamented the fact that I had found a new truffle to love, but alas, Portland may as well

Why Buy Organic Milk?

Perhaps it dates me, but I remember when organic milk first appeared on the store shelves. I know it was in the early 90’s here, because the arrival was quite a spectacle. I was cooking at the Coop, and the BGH/BST issue had gotten alot of press. There was a fight going on, as the