Monthly October, 2009

You’re Never Too Young To Start Vegging

There’s always been a conventional wisdom, or lets call it a myth, that kids can eat junk and get away with it. The concurrent myth is that kids should not go vegetarian, because their bodies are developing, or some such nonsense. So, they can run amuck eating sugar and chips, but skipping meat is bad.Their

Italian Vegetarian Night

The New Vegetarian is not officially out yet, but the “tour” has begun. Thursday’s class, The Italian Vegetarian, was a fabulous start for the book, and the food was a hit! The class was offered at Sopra Sotto in Rochester MN, a store that specializes in all things Italian. The store is inside the Shops

The First Event for the New Vegetarian!

Writing a book can be compared to having a baby. If having a baby took two years, involved a large team of people, and had a long stretch of time in which the mother has very little to do with it, that would be a good analogy. All your friends are excited about your imminent