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Drinking, To Forget?

How did it happen? Somewhere along the line, sodas became the ubiquitous, default drink. I vaguely remember them being more of a special occasion thing when I was little, but I think that was just at our house. The insidious creep of soda had already taken hold. Other kids had 12 packs and big gulps.

A Big Bowl of Happiness?

We all know the physical benefits of eating more plants. Lower cholesterol, a healthy heart, lower body mass, decreased risks of all the big, bad diseases. When vegans and vegetarians talk about their lifestyles, though, they often describe a new feeling, a feeling of being lighter, clearer, happier and more energetic. Feeling good is about

Magic Flax, The Vegan Egg

When conventional bakers contemplate baking vegan, the ingredient they find hardest to do without is the eggs. You can use other fats instead of butter, and there are vegan sugars that will do most of the tricks that white sugar does. But eggs, well, you don’t see vegan angelfood cake for a reason. I’ve baked

Popeye’s X-Ray Eyes

Remember those old cartoons, where the character who ate carrots suddenly had super-x-ray-vision? Well, carrots are great, but of late, research keeps pointing to Kale. Specifically, to the Lutein found in kale and other leafy greens. I don’t know about you, but I really like being able to see. In recent years, I have watched

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