Monthly September, 2009

The Vegetarian Food Pyramid(s) and You!

The USDA has, over the years, tried to come up with ways to educate the public about nutrition. It’s been a process, and the earliest guidelines, in the early 1900’s were in response to the common problem of malnutrition. The USRDA’s of nutrients didn’t come out until the 40’s, which were a time of wartime

Peanut Butter, the Vegetarian’s Pal

    Meet my new friend, the peanut butter maker at my Coop. He, let’s call him grind-ey, makes extra special peanut butter, because it contains the peanut skins (more about that later) doesn’t have any added trans fats or sugars, and is much less likely to contain aflatoxins. It also can’t be from that

Happy National Mushroom Month!

Time to pop the cork, I know you have all been waiting for the big September party that is Mushroom Month. I know, we already missed a couple of weeks, so we have to make up for it. Vegetarians would do well to learn how to harness the magic of mushrooms. The peculiar chemistry of

Is Cheese Addictive, or Just Really Tasty?

Oh the things we have to worry about. The September issue of Vegetarian Times has an article entitled:”Confessions of a Cheeseaholic” by Hillari Dowdle. Full disclosure, I have written many times for VT and love the magazine. I totally appreciate the challenges of keeping the magazine appealing to everyone who doesn’t eat meat, from the